Yearly Maintenance To Do in Your Home

Having a home is a big responsibility. There are daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance procedures that have to be followed. While some things may get done on a routine basis, there are other types of maintenance that need to be done that might not be as obvious. If you are looking to inspect every area of your home this year, consider these three areas you may have been missing.

Leak Detection

You can have leaks in more areas of your house than just the roof. Seals around toilets, under the sink and around faucets outside can cause damage to your house. It is not a bad idea to have a plumbing service come out yearly for leak detection Neptune Beach. Water damage can be serious, so it is best to be proactive about checking for it.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home should have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you have them in your home, when was the last time that you checked them? The batteries can go bad on these alarms, so it is important that you test them often. There is usually a test button on the detector that will sound the alarm if the batteries are still functional.

Chimney Cleaning

A chimney coated with ashes and soot can be a terrible fire hazard for a home. A chimney cleaning service can help prevent this from happening, and if you burn wood a lot during the cooler months, you should have this done yearly or more often.

Homeownership is no easy thing, and it is important that you keep a structure maintained for the safety of you and your family. Consider making checklists for things that need to be done monthly, quarterly or yearly around the house so that you do not forget to do them.