What Are The Most Common HVAC Repairs?

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If your air conditioner or heater is giving you trouble, there are some common problems you should look for. For example, you may be concerned about clogged air filters, faulty blower motor, or thermostat. These problems are usually easily solved with a simple replacement or resetting of the breaker by HVAC contractors St Charles, IL. However, if you’d like to be sure of the issue’s cause, it’s best to call in a professional HVAC repair company.

Clogged air filters

A clogged air filter will decrease the amount of air flowing into the house and cause your HVAC system to function poorly. If your filter is clogged, it will prevent warm air from circulating through the vents and eventually damage the heat exchanger. Dirty filters will also make it difficult for the air conditioner to cool your home and short cycle. If you notice that your air filter is clogged, it is time to replace it before it starts to do more damage to the compressor.

In addition to causing inefficiency and ineffective cooling, a dirty air filter can cause your furnace to fail. These problems can lead to expensive repairs because your furnace or air conditioner cannot remove the dust and debris that clogs the filters. Clogged air filters can also negatively impact your health, especially if you have pets and other materials in the air. Consider replacing the filter or investing in a whole house humidifier to improve air quality.

Faulty thermostat

If you’re experiencing problems with your home’s temperature, there are a couple of likely causes. First, a faulty thermostat can lead to higher energy bills or an uncomfortable home. Replacing the thermostat is a relatively easy task that can save you money on energy bills. It will also improve the environment in your home. Replace the thermostat whenever you notice that your house’s temperature has fluctuated.

A faulty thermostat prevents your HVAC unit from turning on. It may be due to faulty wiring. However, if the thermostat isn’t responding to your temperature changes, the problem may lie elsewhere in the HVAC system. When the thermostat is functioning properly, it slightly ticks as it responds to your temperature adjustments. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, your system should start cooling or heating the room.

Faulty inducer motor

You can test for a faulty inducer motor by using a multimeter. First, turn the device to on-resistance mode and test the hot and neutral wires. If the resistance readings are less than 20 ohms, the inducer motor is likely faulty. If the resistance readings are higher, the problem may be in the capacitor. To fix this, replace the faulty inducer motor.

A noisy inducer motor can cause several issues. First, you must ensure that the faulty motor is not a component of the furnace itself. While this issue is rare, you should check the rest of the system and replace the gas valve if necessary. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the entire inducer assembly. The price will be approximately $600. After replacing the motor, you should check the rest of the system to ensure everything is working.

Faulty blower motor

One of the first signs that your blower is failing is decreased airflow. If the airflow has decreased or stopped altogether, this could be a faulty blower motor. On the other hand, it could be a clogged, faulty capacitor, or the blower motor is nearing the end of its service life. Call a licensed HVAC technician for a professional diagnosis if you notice any of these symptoms.

To identify if your blower motor needs replacing, look for the lack of airflow coming from your vents. This problem can be caused by some issues, including a bad capacitor, a dirty filter, or clogged ductwork. The most common repair for this problem is replacing the motor, and it’s easy to do with the help of a trained professional.

Faulty limit switch

A faulty limit switch can cause a furnace not to shut off if it gets too hot. It is dangerous for your safety because it can crack and leak deadly carbon monoxide. Additionally, a faulty limit switch can lead to a furnace running continuously, resulting in uncomfortable temperatures and a problem with the water pipes. Experts recommend having your furnace inspected once a year to prevent such a problem.

When your furnace constantly cycles, it can be due to a clogged filter, too high temperature, or a faulty limit switch. While replacing your furnace’s heat exchanger can cost thousands of dollars, it is not that expensive compared to having it replaced. However, having a faulty limit switch means your furnace can’t run safely and efficiently, increasing your power bill. It also means that you can’t use your furnace for long periods. To fix this problem, you need to call a professional.

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