What Are the 5 Types of Commercial Security Systems?

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What do you know about these security systems? First, a security system can link the entire structure. Audio/visual systems connect individuals in various regions of the building. If smoke or fire is detected, this security system notifies the authorities. Another helpful security mechanism is fire alarms. These systems can also be integrated into your building’s audio/visual system.

Access control

Many different types of the best business security systems of 2022 | Alarm.com available. One type, access control, limits who is permitted to enter a commercial building or office space by requiring authorized credentials. Another type, video surveillance, help security teams monitor critical areas of the building. Finally, alarm systems discourage unwanted visitors and intruders by sounding signals triggered when certain events happen. In this way, a commercial security system provides a wide range of benefits for a business.

The most effective access control system will only allow authorized users to access specific areas. Therefore, access control devices should be programmed only to allow entry during specified times or days and should also be programmed for different building types. For example, facilities managers should consider which areas of the building are more secure than others and which users are permitted access. Regular testing and maintenance are essential, so include them in your annual calendar.

Biometric locks

There are five common types of commercial security systems: biometric locks, digital door locks, keypads, and video surveillance. Most of these systems require the use of biological readings. These biometric locks are keyless and challenging to steal. However, lower-end biometric locks have problems with consistency. These problems often require workarounds that reduce security. However, biometric locks are a great way to increase your protection without sacrificing convenience.

Biometric locks use samples of the user’s fingerprints, iris, or facial recognition technology to authenticate the user. The downside of these systems is that they are more expensive than mechanical locks. Moreover, they require careful configuration to provide maximum security. Biometric samples are rarely identical and can be influenced by environmental factors such as pressure, lighting, and alignment. In addition, they are vulnerable to physical attack.

Cameras with two-way communication

These cameras include built-in speakers and microphones, so you can talk and hear what’s happening inside your business. This is handy if you want to communicate with delivery people or pets. Two-way communication allows you to give verbal warnings to potential thieves. Video-only security systems can only record video and audio, while two-way audio-only systems can record both audio and video.

To connect to the recorder, wired security systems require a network connection. To connect to a network router, these cameras require physical wiring. They usually have a big hard disk for storage. Others come with cloud storage, but you may have to pay for them. In this case, the footage will be stored on remote servers. You can choose intermittent or continuous recording for your video surveillance system.

Fire alarms

There are two main types of fire alarm systems: automatic and manual. The automatic ones monitor the entire building without human interaction and monitor smoke levels and temperature fluctuations. The manual ones are manually actuated and send a signal to the control panel. The manual devices include break glass stations, fire alarm boxes, and pull stations. The placement of these devices largely depends on the building and its needs.

Traditional fire alarm systems are made up of many zones inside a building and a central control panel. These alerts are linked to specific detecting devices. The device can also independently monitor and regulate the state of each zone. Conventional methods are more affordable and easy to install. Addressable systems offer more advanced features, such as remote monitoring, so property managers can promptly assess the situation. These alarms can also send signals to emergency services.


Security systems are used to protect property and employees from unauthorized access. Security systems use alarms or sensors to detect intrusions. For example, an access control system allows only authorized people to enter the commercial space. These systems recognize which people should enter and will lock doors and windows for those individuals. Another type of security system is the security camera. Security cameras monitor activity through video footage. They also include sensors to detect when a door is left open.

To protect critical infrastructure, cybersecurity must be strategic. A cybersecurity strategy must incorporate all aspects of production, operation, and information technology. This is vital in advancing through the industrial revolution. A business can be prepared to ward off any cyberattack by utilizing a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.When you have multiple types of security, you can choose the right combination of systems for your company.