Top 5 auto-entrepreneur activities to do from home

2Q==In other words, many of you are asking yourself the question: how to work from home as a self-employed entrepreneur? Or how to generate money without moving? You may not have thought about it before, but many people have already been using the internet for several years to make a living working from home. A way of life that allows you to have your own schedules, to arrange your new workspace and above all, to limit as much as possible travel and therefore, contact with others. You are or want to become a self-employed entrepreneur but you do not know in which field you could work from home? This article will help you find some ideas for auto-entrepreneur activities to get started without further delay, while staying at home. Create an online business

First idea of working from home as a self-entrepreneur: create your business online.

The advantage is that you don’t need any technical home contractors knowledge to set up an online business. Thanks to the emergence of many platforms specializing in website creation, creating an online business is child’s play accessible to all. The real problem is to choose the product you are going to market. Indeed, you can very well sell your own creations, develop products or call on a wholesaler.

Once you have chosen the range of products you are going to sell, it will of course generate views on your website and give it visibility on search engines. The advantage is that you are really spoilt for choice as to the products you can market and highlight on the internet. It’s up to you to find an original idea to stand out from the others and use the computer tool to create your online store like Prestashop or Magento.Work in web writing

If you have some literary knowledge, or you simply have facilities to write, you could turn to the professions of web writing. Writer, translator, proofreader or proofreader; All these professions are accessible to lovers of grammar and spelling. A degree can be a plus to start, but it is not necessary to have done a journalism or translation school to access the professions of web writing.

Indeed, you can very well start from scratch, get noticed on a writing platform and create your own clientele on the internet. Writing articles for blogs, translating essays, writing product descriptions… These will be your main missions as a web editor. Here again, you can use copywriting platforms (, or to start writing and make contact with your future customers. The advantage of web copywriting is that you will never be bored.

Every day, you will be able to write texts on different themes and thus enrich your knowledge on various and varied subjects. These are professions that are most often suitable for literary or multilingual profiles, with excellent writing skills and impeccable spelling. In addition, the web writing professions allow you to work at home and even from abroad. If you are looking to become geographically independent, this is a self-employed activity that can suit you perfectly. Become a creator or artist

For the most creative among you, artistic professions can allow you to work from home as a self-employed entrepreneur.

In the world of artistic creation, the field of possibilities is vast: photographer, painter, musician, videographer, jeweler… These are jobs that allow you to create artistic content from home and make it your job. For this, you will have to use the internet and more particularly social networks to offer notoriety to your work. Note that homemade and personalized items are very trendy and can bring you a lot of money, provided you create with a lot of passion and involvement.

Another asset of creation; You don’t need any previous training or experience to consider an artistic profession. Contrary to what you may believe, you can become an artist even if you have no talent today. Many artists started from scratch and trained as self-taught.

Thanks to the internet, you will find hundreds of videos and tutorials to help you develop your talents such as painting or photography. The most important thing is to choose an artistic activity that you are passionate about and makes you want to create new projects every day. Becoming a creator or artist is a self-employed activity that allows you to stay at home, while developing new original concepts for your audience. Working in administrative assistance at home

Another idea of working from home for auto-entrepreneur: the telesecretariat. Are you an organized and flexible person? Are you proficient in corporate language and comfortable speaking on the phone? Administrative assistance can be a self-employed activity made for you.

The telesecretarial professions require certain skills such as the sense of interpersonal and service or the commercial fiber. In most cases, the home secretariat is used for the medical field and after-sales services.

As a home secretary, you will have to receive calls, advise, organize and respond to issues for a third party. From simple telephone reception to the follow-up of complex files, administrative assistance at home makes it possible to provide valuable assistance to companies or individuals who need to delegate certain administrative tasks. Sure, you need to be an organized person and have some technical knowledge to become a home secretary, but once you find a company or individual who needs your help regularly, you guarantee yourself excellent financial security.

To succeed in the field of administrative assistance at home, you only need to find a customer with whom to collaborate in the long term. Telesecretarial jobs are very popular with self-employed entrepreneurs because even if you work from home, you keep in constant contact with outside people and you make yourself really useful on a daily basis. Give private lessons online

Finally, giving private lessons online is a very good idea of activity for auto-entrepreneur to do at home. As for the web writing professions, you have the opportunity to make yourself known on platforms dedicated to teaching if you do not yet have loyal customers. The advantage of online teaching is that it can be applied to all possible and unimaginable subjects.

On the one hand, it can allow you to help people in difficulty by offering support courses. On the other hand, it can allow you to teach people who simply can’t leave their homes for medical reasons, and who actually need your online courses. By putting your knowledge and know-how at the service of the success of others, you will exercise a profession that is both rewarding and rewarding. In addition, if you have specific knowledge, such as mastering a rare language such as Arabic or Russian, you can experience real success on the internet.

Indeed, scarcity is an interesting point not to be neglected because the offer being limited, you can quickly obtain the exclusivity of a particular material. Another positive point of online teaching: it turns out that some people have a lot of knowledge to transmit but are not necessarily comfortable teaching in front of an entire class. It is therefore the perfect opportunity for shy and reserved people to share their knowledge with greater ease, thanks to videoconference courses or through streaming platforms. In summary: Working from home as a self-employed entrepreneur