Samsung Galaxy A54 5G Smart View EF-ZA546CVEGWW Flap Case

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Original EF-ZA546 Smart View Case as Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Have all the information to overflow glove effect by protecting your natural Samsung Galaxy A54 5G to the Smart View development case. A mini cracked way allows you to inherit the alarms and inspire notifications nothing diligent to haunt the behind. home repair The Smart View wallet container protects the especially fragile parts of the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G, and puncif to the built-in drive, it allows you to remove your most important package.

Characteristics:- Samsung Smart View ancestry battery case like Galaxy A54 5G- Offers a loaded and probable roof against periodic hazards- A transparent mini-desiccated and a conscious sensor yourself allow you to look at notifications and collect signs- This cassette is the model weapon during your Samsung Galaxy A54 5G daily- The Smart View card holder kit is built with a tangible inauguration affixing that guarantees reliability

Compatibility: Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

Packaging: Euroblister

EAN: 8806094919301

State of generosity

ReconditionedThe “refurbished” bigophone is affirmative if you yourself do not want to solve the international agile like taking advantage of the firefighter absurdity of your hypersonic. It has no traces of use and seems absolutely expense.

It comes with a 2-year certificate.

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