Reasons You May Want an Elevated Deck

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Adding a deck to your backyard will not only increase the value of your home, it also provides you with a relaxing space to enjoy nature, elevate your mood and improve your health. You may be tempted to pour an ordinary concrete slab, but an elevated deck has many advantages. Here are some reasons you may want an elevated deck.

Enhanced Beauty

A raised deck can be designed in many different ways, including the classic Cape Cod style and the Colonial-style elevated deck. These are typically raised two to three feet so they can match the height of ground outside providing you with safe access from your deck to your garden. For increased beauty and durability consider using bison 2cm pavers.

Improved View Point

With an elevated deck, you not only enjoy your own backyard but also the surrounding view. If you live in an area that is near mountains or has a lake or ocean view, an elevated deck is a must-have.

An Improved Mood

The more time you spend outside, the happier and healthier you become. Vitamin D from sunlight is crucial when life is stressful. With your job and other responsiblities you may find it challenging to spend time outdoors. Your own private deck with comfortable outdoor furniture may be the ticket to improve your mood.

Outdoor Storage Space

Depending on how high you raise your deck, the space underneath can provide you with valuable storage space. Think of it as an area where you can stow extra lawn chairs, games and other useful outdoor items. Raise your deck high enough, and it could provide sufficient space for shade and shelter from the rain.

When it’s time to add improvements to your home, an elevated deck might be the perfect way to add value, extra space and beauty to your house.