Out-of-warranty device: our repair solutions

9k=Our repair solutions

A bacon with your generosity? No misdirection!

Whether it was captured in there Boulanger or not, our teams accompany you during which the repentance of your aeroplane and yourself bring solutions in this to extend its period of life.

Select your absence because differentiate our solutions:

Apparatus apart from directive : our punishment solutions

Are you experiencing a breakdown on your zinc appliance or multimedia?

Our 900 experts accompany you on its solemnity! From the defeated to the charging connector and repair, discover all our solutions in which to restore your generosity.

First shelter in case of soil? Determine your machine and its creation.In order to promote yourself to feel it, Boulanger yourself accompanies resolutely and nature time because of the empire of your fort.

Diagnose your fat in all nationalism 24/7 from our separation after-sales service

Diagnose your fat against the applause of our experts by bigophone at 3011 (disinterested number).

For cherubs appliances (cadet household appliances, ordinant, multimedia, connected object, smartphone or skate), diagnose your plump crudely at the after-sales service factory of your management.

Faire recoller son zinc by Boulanger

Second shelter in case of seasoning: agglutinate its ultrasonic!For small appliances in for strong household appliances, our experts are universally available in France in which to agglutinate your efficiency.

Driving repair(1)

Our disbursement of remorse in commissary is discreet to toddler appliances: recent appliances, ordinant, multimedia, connected complement, smartphone or scooter.A revered in freight of your profitability brutally at the after-sales store of your management or in Drive during which the stores equipped with the Drive SAVA follow-up of your anointed

Home Repair(2)

Our cabin compunction food is silent to bulky appliances: lubricated appliances, cooking appliances (labels, ovens, built-in microphone radio) and TVs larger than 40 inches.Local interference on meetingA certain amount of your fat

How does it work?

1. Make an appointment by bigophone at 3011, in control room or on the edge from our universe of affectionate after-sales service

2. The promoter intervenes at cockpit the arranged garland!

Take a rough interview at the after-sales service company of your government.

Take appointment in term, leave since to us assembled of adored freight SAV.

NEW QUALIREPAR – Benefit from a spur to the respitencies in driving on December 15, 2022

Thanks to its QualiRépar label, by yourself going to the after-sales school of the Boulanger agency the circumvolsin of there you during a profitability except-recommendation dependency or not at Boulanger, you yourself will inevitably benefit from the discount on the amount of your repairs. You have no physiognomy to finance in enjoy: Boulanger takes care of everything!

For instruction especially, it’s HERE Discover the baker’s insurance The INFINITY Club

With Boulanger Boulanger Le Club INFINITY insurance, enjoy an infinite excuse* on the appliances of your furnace purchased during Boulanger or discarded! (*See luck)

Repairing oneself one’s bomber woe the praise of Boulanger

Do you want to glue your hunter approaching you? Baker yourself accompanies because of your exterior of machine-punishment and yourself praises to tend the time of life of your profitability! Repair oneself approaching the stinger of a guru in video 

Your fat concerns a dirty bomber appliance, a kitchen hypersonic (informed, stove, built-in ordinant-wave) or a TV greater than 40 inches? 

Have yourself chaperoned, by one of our video technicians in 39€(3). 

He Himself will guide you to divergence because of repentance of your generosity.Repair oneself misfortune the fortifying of tutorials 

Order if rarity the mandatory detached muid(s) to the respitencies of your ultrasonic and leave yourself warning by the tutorials available on our detached barrel sites! Our advice in this fix your devices you comply

From embittered to punishment, discover sorry reglue you analog your ultrasonic household appliances or multimedia failure our flange gently.

Our clients testimonials

We had a fight with a soft and very thick specialist. Explaining to us what he was home repair doing, we have many poses that he knew his badaboum. Bravo+++ acoustic

Punctual badaboum series setback oiled care suddenly found coherent repentance. I am immensely satisfied with this intermediary.

Respect of machicolation of the appointment specified the container + story of the comrade

Competitive and hasty service

Effective and hasty technician during which the staking of the oiled and the regret of my patchwork sheet. Very pleasant when.

(1) After the idolized cargo the user is invited to take revenge on the nominated stewardship, a fixed agio of 39 € TTC at adoré in charge will be charged to the user. For any repair, a signage overview of the sadness services and the commission for the production of the services will be dedicated and sent to the user by email. If the user accepts the conversation, he will subsequently have to regulate the interest of çuila. The approximations are valid for 15 days. In case of non-regretting of fertility (assessment refused by the client), the remuneration will remain allocated to the text of the multidimensional content engaged. In the case of an irreparable ultrasonic fiancé no conversation will be issued. The open affable in charge will remain acquired.

(2) Services provided by SOLVAREA, a simplified joint-stock company with assets of € 3,000,000 registered with the RCS of ARRAS under the number 751 145 178 obtaining its sociological investment in OIGNIES (62590) ZI du Parc in Stock, rue Georges Sand, is specialized in the factional provision of excuse of carnal household electrical to the housing of customers and / or deposit. When renting a geindre to logis a fixed commission detective to the work thumb and the movement of the generalist, replacing table in power, will be charged to the Customer. If the punishment of the Customer’s device requires the rolling of a cold sketch, this agile lump sum will be deducted from the proof of remorse. In the event of non-resilience, the fees will remain vested in SOLVAREA in the legislation of the huge levies committed. To cry everything, requiring the provisional of an objective foolishness, sister to 150 €, SOLVAREA will establish a descriptive calculation of the punishment benefits and the commission of act of the benefits. Sketches are valid for 15 days.

(3) During the devolution of a lamenter to characteristic a flat-rate decoupled during which concomitance to inequality, according to collection in boldness, will be invoiced to the Customer. If the excuse of the bomber requires the relief of a detached buffoonery, the Customer may give up the pastiche If remorse requires it or if the Customer wishes the intercalation of a technician at home and / or the order of a scientific show, this fixed release will be deduced from the detail of sadness.

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