Learn About the Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home, so it needs maintenance and upgrades to enhance your home and keep guests comfortable. Even though the year 2021 has just started, it is not too late to take advantage of the newest design innovations. As you work on your kitchen remodeling in St Louis, learn about some of the newest trends.

Handle-Free Doors

While metal handles sometimes have elaborate colors and designs that complement the kitchen, cabinets and doors without handles enhance a kitchen’s minimalist focus. The lack of handles also directs more attention to the colors and patterns of the cabinets rather than the handles themselves. You can still operate them with push-open and close technology or recessed handles that take less space and blend perfectly with the doors.

Reclaimed Wood

Even with an emphasis on shiny and sleek items, wood is making a comeback due to its rustic nature and warm tones. However, it cannot be just any type of wood. A popular solution is reclaimed lumber, which is material repurposed from old factories and warehouses. This type of wood gives your kitchen a unique earthy look, outlasts its counterparts and adheres to green building practices. You can use reclaimed wood for cabinets, islands and other furniture or decorations.

Complex Islands

An island adds more dimension and storage space to the kitchen, especially in a large area. The popularity of these additions has encouraged designers to make them more complex and experiment with them beyond a simple block shape. Different heights and shapes give users more options for storage, food prep and design. Even something as simple as adding another block and combining them can make a functional and aesthetic difference.

This upcoming year brings new designs and techniques that can successfully modernize your kitchen. Pay attention to 2021’s rising trends to prepare your home for the future.