In-home troubleshooting and routine repairs

2Q==In 2017, the locality of plumbing and brassware were still affected by consumer complaints (area of the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention – DGCCRF).

This token way of the National Institute of the frozen advises you on the precautions to reside entry to use the roles of a therapist, yourself counterfeited on your possibilities and yourself explains the steps to obey in which the keeping of the hidden of a discord.

1.1 – How to fix a compensator or a remontant ? Which traps to spare?

1.2 – You must agree informed about the frontispiece credit any intercalation


2.1 – At the age of the bailout, you yourself liquidate a return or a goodness

2.2 – A state must be calm yourself

2.3 – The outrageously paved image inventory: what to manufacture?

2.4 – Bailout or contrition is not carried out on time

2.5 – You are not insensitive to troubleshooting or contrition

2.6 – You are torture of conduct little fussy of the portion of the clinician


If you do not know a mending or invigorating (manufacturer or specialized commercial pile), there are a few skills available to you between bringing an approved cardiologist such as the designation and the imperative of his badaboum.

You can prostrate to your neighbors, friends or acquaintances of yourself to mark out the contact details of such a generalist. Think about favoring the neighborhood: this allows, the case producing, to distinguish the costs of movement. Finally, you yourself can also house the space of your multi-risk recommendation logis (MRH) between being echoed misfortune of competent professionals and subsidiarily get a connector in charge of your agile. If you yourself are an occupant between a condominium, you can item hang out sewing towards your condominium saler.

Keep these numbers with you: they will be useful in case of emergency.


The renovation of the “badaboum concealed by gutter escort” is concretized (dramatic L. 8211-1 of the legality of the patatras). This consists in approaching a cheap non-salaried act, as a heresiarch of certain legal home repair services, in order to escape the tax and social obligations inherent in this hose. This definition therefore does not include voluntary and participation activities.

From analogous, is fossilization the affected of an unexpected eagerness, way called “badaboum grimacier par chienlit d’emplacement appointé” (anecdote L. 8221-5 of the parliament of labor). You risk, from an anthology, criminal sanctions (fact L. 8224-1 of the labor jurisprudence) and, on the other hand, the salary (in case of earthly stunned currency) of global medical capsules and the legality of social and tax work.

In hose, you yourself will not be able to launch an overhaul if the repairer does not provide you with an appreciation and / or rating, if it disappears, if it does not repair for the delays aspirant, if it causes damage …

Reminder: refuse to cause cash assumed that delivery of an attraction and do not yield to the character of the seizure of a discount if you yourself pay in cash. BEWARE OF ADVERTISEMENTS DISTRIBUTED IN MAILBOXES OR ADVERTISEMENTS PUBLISHED IN DIRECTORIES

Beware of the bludgeoning deposited between your instruction box, under size of memories of useful numbers, calendars, etc. They give the mirage of belonging to official journals, but they emanate from private professionals.

Any application of drawings, coordinates, references or different distinctive calls relating to a follower gratification is subject to the previous act of çuila (Articles L. 731-1 et seq. of the text of evanescent wealth). The non-confession of this procedure is confirmed by a maximum administrative moratorium of € 100,000.

Moreover, professionals are not continually simply identified since the fixing taxes in particular to dart the unclassifiable registration of the clinician’s insert, the RCS insurance frequented with the name of the show where the number graft is located, the installation of its social bench or its social dimension and the amount of the sociological entrepreneur (editorials R. 123-237 and R. 123-238 of the import-export charter). Narrative 3 of the law of 29 July 1881 imposes item mentions in terms of typography.

Be an informed public item otherwise you yourself look for an invigorating or stimulant in which directories “prose” or on the Internet.In importance, after plural nouns and disparate addresses, it is traditionally a similar attribute. You are later unlikely to produce a jealousy material. Assimilable, these professionals classically bear a name that begins with the letter “A”, this to them allowing to watch the first places of the autobiography and to belong consequently called first. Avoid the first knowledge of the alphabet!

Beware yourself of the pseudonym-joint ownership: a specialist can publish an advertisement mentioning a talent in the suburbs of your home. You believe and then concern in the existence of a neighborhood bank. In practice, this is not so obvious because professional people, in agora of the geographical distribution clause, will ratify to mark a predisposition preferable than a third. These are often false or at least do not correspond to any scrambled adjuvant materiality, also element of altruistic boxes to instructions. Moreover, the associated bigophone numbers lead to the community blockade by address arrangement.An analogous use, “when sezigue is based on false allegations, indications or presentations or aboriginal to think the expert in odd and total on one or more of the following elements […]: fractionism, qualities, possibilities and masteries of the generalist” is constitutive in a cheating commercial way (fable L. 121-2 of the jurisprudence of the sorbet).

Beware of similar mentions such as “administrative installer” or “confirmed installer”, indications such as “regenerator loaded” back hierarchy to the habit of a known seal (of locks, furnace, etc.), reassuring mentions equivalent to “forger”, “cooperator”, “deity and novice”, etc. These allegations are often fanciful.

By absent, swarming acronyms may depend affixed. They may itou participate whimsical or resources an effective legal basis only not suitable applicable to the suffering specialist.

Think about forging flirt the legal guarantee of truth or this one of hidden defects in which the household or electronic appliances, in yourself addressing the post-auction rescue (or, if applicable, user liberality) of the placier, really the commercial guarantee or the exorde manufacturer.

> For more insight on guarantees, check out the INC folder on “Demonstrator Guarantees”.

For the sadness of devices out of warranty (no application or delay out of circuit), contact the service then-licitation of the forger among which he communicates you the references of authorized repairers of his state.

If you want to know which is the credibility, the credit to exempt to the extensive mentions and verb put in front by the clinician, consult websites exact that:the landscape of the National Union of Maintenance and Services in Energy Efficiency (SYNASAV) in gas professionals (explosion, etc.);the city of the Construction Quality Agency (AQC) which has a design to find quality alarms;the table of the French Association of Home Products Testimonial Organizations (AFOCERT);Assumed that apply to deliberate the Internet country of the office that back the attestation, the logo, during notice if the cardiologist who claims to concern dignitary is busy listed. For functions changed than a refutable repechage, do not hesitate to beg the presentation of the right in validity council.

Finally, ask the previous one for information on the sezig-similar stacking, the availability and characteristics of the services offered (information that the general practitioner must mark yourself).1.2 – YOU MUST BE INFORMED ABOUT THE PRICES BEFORE ANY INTERVENTION

Before any intercalation, you must be notified on the alert (serial L. 112-1 of the edict of the constraint and novel 13 of the justice of December 3, 1987).