How to start your home business: 10 steps to follow

9k=More and more people want to leave their jobs to start their home-based businesses every year.

You are also one of those who have decided to draw a line under the salaried sector to try the adventure of entrepreneurship, but you do not yet know very well where to start?

Creating your home business does indeed require some organization, so to help you in this new chapter of your professional life, we have established for you the 10 key steps to create your home business and we will also offer you 10 ideas of jobs to exercise from home. Create an online store today! Get a no-obligation free trial.10 steps to start your home business

You are determined to start your home business, but when it comes to taking action you are still lost. No worries! The vast majority of people embarking on entrepreneurship are in the same frame of mind as you when starting their business. To get it right without stress, simply follow these 10 steps:Find a business ideaCreate a business planCreating its legal statusDomiciliating your company at homeCreate the visual and textual identity of your companyOpen a Shopify online storePromote your e-commerce siteHave a dedicated space to work and store your merchandiseBuy the necessary equipment to prepare your ordersManage customer service1. Find a business idea

For some, this step will be obvious, for others, a little inspiration will probably be welcome.

In any case, and even if you are convinced that you have THE right online business idea, you will still have to check that it has enough potential to allow you to earn a living. For this, we recommend that before you start, you test with your potential target the interest aroused by your business idea.

In the event that you choose to sell your services instead, be sure to make sure that the competition is not too broad and that there are enough potential customers, or, if so, make sure you are able to offer additional expertise for example.2. Create a business plan

Building a business plan is the key to the success of any business. It allows you to both structure your project and ensure that it is viable in the long term.

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By entering your email address, you agree to receive home contractors promotional offers and newsletters from Shopify. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribing. You will soon receive free resources and advice. In the meantime, start building your store with a 3-day free trial on Shopify.3. Create its legal status: micro-enterprise, sole proprietorship, SASU or EURL?

You have your business idea and your business plan reassures you about your choice; So you will finally be able to create your business for good. To do this, you will have to find the legal status that suits you best. If you have decided to work from home and you are the only one to create your company, certain statutes are particularly adapted to your profile, this is for example the case of the SASU (single-member simplified joint-stock company), the EURL (single-member limited liability company) or the EI (sole proprietorship). However, when you start in entrepreneurship it can be particularly interesting to look at the status of self-enterprise or micro-enterprise.

Indeed, the self-enterprise or micro-enterprise is the simplest legal form and also the one that is most often adopted by people who embark for the first time in entrepreneurship. Its success with entrepreneurs who create their home business is due to the fact that it is both easy and fast to create your micro-business for free but also because this status has many advantages. These include VAT exemption, withholding taxes and simplified accounting.4. Domiciliating your company at home

Every company must be domiciled, i.e. it must have a registered office. And this is also valid if you work from home! You will therefore have to declare that your home is the head office of your business, whether you are a tenant or owner. To domiciliate your company, an electricity or internet subscription bill or a lease contract are sufficient.5. Create the visual and textual identity of your company

Whatever the nature of your business, it is always interesting to make your company unique and recognizable in order to stand out from the competition, and this requires the creation of a visual and textual identity. If you do not have the knowledge or time to take care of the visual identity of your company, know that there are sites and software that allow you, for example, to generate logos of very good quality.6. Open a Shopify online store

You will finally be able to get to the heart of the matter and create your online store. To open an online store on Shopify no need to be a code professional, just to:Start a free trial,Add your products,Create the essential pages of your online store,Customize your online store using themes available on Shopify,Set up shipping and payments,Launch your online store!

To find all these steps in detail, do not hesitate to consult our guide: Create a Shopify online store in 10 steps.7. Promote your e-commerce site

Your online store is ready and to make your target discover it, you will have to promote it. The choice of the type of promotion you opt for will depend on the nature of your business, but also the target you want to reach. In any case, digital marketing is for any business, especially if you do not have a very large budget to dedicate to promotion, a must. Digital marketing is done both on social networks, but also by optimizing your website and also why not creating a newsletter.8. Have a dedicated space to work and store your merchandise

Said like that, it seems obvious, yet it is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to quickly find themselves crumbling under the amount of stock necessary for the activity of their business. This is why it is very important, if your project requires a certain amount of stock, to know where you will be able to store it. Similarly, if you are not concerned by the problem of the goods, it is very important that you have a space at home dedicated to work. When working from home, you need to be organized and motivated, and having a quiet space is extremely important for you to stay focused and work efficiently.9. Buy the necessary equipment to prepare your orders

Once your products are sold, you will have to prepare your orders. And for that, you will need to have at your disposal some essential tools. Among them:A printer (for your purchase orders and labels),Classic and self-adhesive printing paper (for your shipping and possibly return labels),Cartons or packaging envelopes,Scotch tape,A scale,A company stamp,Etc.10. Manage customer service