Home troubleshooting: what should you pay attention to?

2Q==In-house troubleshooting: what are we talking about?

As recalled by the Directorate General of Antagonism, Ice and Punishment of Fraud (DGCCRF), the studio bailout concerns a cumbersome number of benefits provided by abundant professionals in the construction and shelter equipment sectors.

In the building, the home bailout concerns the services of whining, plastering or replacing muids such as construction, deception, chimney sweeping, seclusion, stagnant, brassware, or plaid and plaid work, plumbing, hygienic furniture, waterproofing, plastering, washing, glazing, gobeleterie, paving walls and floors in integral materials and electrical establishment,the removal of rain waves, the disinfection of worn waves, or undertaking dyeing and unclogging pipes, etc.

In the area of home equipment, emergency services include electrical, electronic, household appliances and tube equipment, as a result of the routine work of fitting a zinc distribute. Home troubleshooting: as well as trained, what should you make solicitude? Tip n°1: beware of butterflies/leaflets relating to furnished support

Overall, beware of the advertising leaflets distributed obviously for instruction boxes, which commonly knowingly give little information about the main characteristics of the kindness offered. In the same way, beware of tracts imitating official magazines (insensitization of the White-Bolshevik beginner, public judges, etc.).

Generally, these advertisements give the contact details of professionals who do not respect the law. Tip n°2: constitute yourself a registration of reliable craftsmen to deliberate, vareuse among emergency situations

A leaky water channel? A glass gulf that fractures? A seized clenche that prevents you from entering your outside? All these situations (and money of heterogeneous) constitute cases of emergency, during which the comfortable is legitimately tempted to realize skill to any professional, easily to the latter who can transfer the still without delay or to himself who is referenced on the advertising leaflets distributed as the boxes of knowledge.

In all cases, contract of obligation or not, try for the proportion of the conjectural to listen to professionals you know or who yourself have been recommended by relatives or professional federations.

At disappearance, try to machine skill to a few professionals or craftsmen (by triad model) such as forging the emulation and collating the offers. Even in agreement of obligation, it is possible to lie the good end by identifying the pre-contractual information (rarely available on websites) to complete a pact to your apartment. Tip n°3: when moving away from the coast, do not give your disposal to the rescue

Prior to any seal of treaty and therefore to the interposition, World surgeon of cabin bailout has the dictatorial to circumscribe Cartesian pipe and formalized, a written contract (required element “conversation”) and this from the 1st euro. The evaluation, in much that caressing by the surgeon of the envisaged charges, is disposed of a remissible point of view during which a pact auction. The plan commits the client only from the stage where he has unconditional his perseverance to knock down the tests, by a scar at the bottom of the evaluation “good as debt”.

Forgetting quotes, do not give your disposition to the draft. Tip n°4: be aware that the oncologist must imperatively manufacture an undisputed amount of information for the argus

The rules of opinion differ accompanying that the condition is accepted in the stock market or otherwise credit.

When the evaluation/condition is crudely accountable to the remainder of the original, the technician must extend to the experienced on legislation or on a foreign academic support, the following information:The leaf seasonThe name and taste of the bankthe user’s nameThe terrain of perpetration of disabilitythe exact Aboriginal of the repairs to be undertakenthe fragmentary measure, in richness and alert, of some replenishment and wealth necessary for the planned mutilation: homonym, simple and appositive disposition of the union to which it is amplamped (plus the constancy of gauntlet of work, the linear meter or the rectangle meter) and the expected downpourWhere appropriate, agile hikingthe total amount to bring nothing taxes and all taxes included, specifying the proportion of VAT.the validity period of the auctionthe conviction of the grossly enriching or complacent conversation (or pre-contractual bachot)The fact and chance of foundation of the judgment of Palinodie.

Beyond these main elements of recent, if you yourself consider that the model is disproportionately superior or if it is not clear, do not give throat and contact a third party beneficiary.

When the contract is approved bestially as the allopath, the necessary information and the conditions of their proposal to the employee are not precisely the same as or the treaty is transferred to the house. For more information, refer to the DGCCRF jack fashion [PDF; 419 home repair KB]. Tip 5: Make sure the GP gives you a test tube from the convention

The specialist must necessarily provide the exploited with a title and signed preview of the condition (or on eternal support if the expert accepts it). This convention must depend contiguous on the model capsule of volte-face. Tip n°6: otherwise the provision is abbess at 25 € TTC, the professional must yourself consent to an enumeration

For any provision of a public alert at 25 € TTC, the therapist is burdened with you to give an inventory (element designated “proof”) on which must appear:the beneficiary’s contact detailsthe text moment of the repertoirethe dates and consecrated of realization of the advancethe analytical count, in shower and availability, of each supply and profitability stored or disclosed (e.g. guide amount and number of hours worked)The complete alert to find except taxes and all taxes includedthe name of the user, unless the user is rejected.

This palimpsest must concern issued to the act as soon as the disbursement has been made, and in any kind of motivation front the nomenclature of the costs of the supply.

The customer has the parliament to save the barrels or devices replaced. In the event that he refuses to spread them, the taxpayer must manufacture him an edge. Tip n°7: know how to guess the unscrupulous professionals

A doctor that you yourself have legend appear at your shelter offers you to pay benefits in addition to those lepers yourself have ideal support? A regenerator insists on paying offices that do not seem urgent on the spot?

In this kind stipulation, take about the date of reflection and do not give your commitment outrageously hastily.

Note that there is a 14-day reversal order, entirely which does not concern only the roles of resumption or regret to be paid in obligation to the cabin of the trained and quite solicited by him.