Facts About Roof Inspections

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An annual roof inspection is one of the best ways to protect your largest investment. Inspecting the roof of your residence, garage or commercial building pays for itself by identifying potential issues that cause catastrophic damage to the roof.

Roof inspections performed by professional roof installers San Jose CA, should be scheduled annually. You may want to consider an inspection if severe weather is predicted. Many realtors suggest roof inspections if you are buying or selling a home. Let’s take a look at some of the things a roof inspection includes.


The inspector needs access to the interior of the structure. They look at the attic and ceilings for signs of water leakage or sagging. Pests or evidence of pests taking residence in your attic is an immediate concern.


During a structural inspection, the inspector examines the roof for damaged trusses or damaged rafter ties. They will also look at the exterior walls to ensure they are not leaning.  A sagging roof indicates immediate repair.


The inspector reviews the condition of the physical roofing materials. They look for damaged or missing items such as flashing, vents and shingles. If your home has a chimney, they also note the condition of the chimney cap and mortar.


Most roofers have their own inspection report that they use, but the report should include the condition of the roof and suggested repairs. If the roof damage was caused by a storm, you may submit a claim through your homeowners insurance. Your roof installers San Jose CA team can assist you with this.

As you can see, a roof inspection is a detailed process. Roof inspectors will ensure the stability of your roof before significant damage occurs. Identifying roof damage early allows you to correct problems in a more cost-effective manner.