Everything You Need to Know About Drain Repair


When you need to repair clogged drains, you need the services of an experienced plumber who knows what they’re doing. A professional drain repair service like Advantage Plumbing, Heating & AC can provide this level of service and have years of experience in the field. This article will explain the tools and methods used by drain repair specialists and how you can reap the rewards.

Problems caused by clogged drains

The home plumbing system is a complex system comprised of pipes and other components. When one of these components is clogged, it can mean a bigger problem, and you might need to contact your drain repair services Millburn NJ. In addition to hair, many other materials can get trapped in drains, causing the problem. This is especially true for people with longer hair, which can accumulate in the drain over time. It can also lead to flooding and structural damage.

Another problem caused by clogged drains is foreign materials. These materials can collect in drains over time, stopping water from flowing. If you can’t get these materials out, you may need to hire a plumber to remove them. If the problem persists, you should follow these simple steps to prevent future clogging. Keep these tips in mind to avoid having to call a plumber. If you notice that a drain has become clogged, you can take proactive steps to prevent it.

Cost of repairs

A broken or collapsed drain can result in a large bill, as it can cause sunken lawns and even damage your house’s foundation. Some drains need to be replaced entirely, while others require a patch. Regardless of the cause, drain repair specialists can help you with various services. Different repairs require different materials and cost considerably more than patching or lining. The easiest way to check if a drain needs repair is to arrange a CCTV survey. This is typically between PS90 and PS150 but will save you from having to dig for leaks.

Calling a drainage repair specialist for a CCTV survey is the quickest way to determine what is causing the problem. Unfortunately, these drains are often several feet below ground. As such, excavation can cost more than $1,000. Generally, the cost per square foot will increase accordingly. In addition, when a flood occurs, interior walls and ceilings can suffer severe damage—water damage restoration costs between PS3 and PS450. However, the cost of these repairs is worth it if you don’t have to worry about the structural integrity of your home.

Tools used by drain repair specialists

While you may be able to clean your drains, hiring a drain repair specialist can be helpful. Plungers are standard tools that a plumber may use when repairing drains. They can loosen the top of the drain and remove the clog. 

Manual Drain Auger – Often referred to as drain snake, this is a flexible clog-removing tool that snakes down the drainage pipe. The auger is shaped like a corkscrew, which is used to break apart soft clogs. Manual snakes are less effective than motorized versions but can get the job done.


When looking for a drain repair specialist, remember a few things. First, professional plumbers carry liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects you in case of property damage during drain pipe repair work. Workers’ compensation insurance protects you in the event of employee injury or illness. Claims for this type of insurance can be filed up to three years after the work is done.

Clogged pipes cause odors. When they accumulate water and wastes, they promote the growth of bacteria and mold. These harmful organisms multiply when they cannot get rid of waste freely. In addition to increasing water bills, mold can cause respiratory issues and damage walls and property. A drain repair specialist can eliminate these breeding grounds, resulting in a healthier home. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.