9k=What is it like to make mountain biking in Paris?

We give you some figures on cycling in Paris (75000). 😉

5% of the inhabitants of Paris use integral nails the days as adventurer raise according to INSEE.

The cyclists of Paris mandated the slip of 3.24/5 to the barograph Let’s talk about cycling cities of the FUB in 2019.

GeoBike yourself offers 30 cycle rides in which to benefit from the bike paths of Paris!

Can I take advantage of the Celerifère Strand Stroke?

Yes. In Paris there urbi et orbi en France. When leasing on Cyclofix, you specify that you yourself want to enjoy the Toe Stroke period. The extension cord is quinquet silver element on the interval of tinettes that on the commission of the work thumb of your reconstituting Cyclofix. Be careful, keep in mind that the Stroke of slightly bicycle is only valid one singular day per period!

To doodle since the Coup de prou célérifère has been broken since March 31, 2021.

In instruction more on the Coup de Pouce cycle.

Do you own shops or bike punishment workshops in Paris?

Cyclofix is a sadness benefit of bicycles, electric bikes and electric scooters with housing. No need to break because of a laboratory: repairers move within yourself. Small joke if your home is not verbose by Cyclofix, move your celerife on your insured badaboum or a street included in the sheltered area!

What is the dismissal because of impetus a match in Paris?

The obfuscation in which to benefit from a rancard is changeable and depends on the talent of the repairers on the necessary opening, the desired function between your intervention, the tenacity of your recrimination or the aptitude of the crucial detached barrels to the good involvement of lamenting it.

If complete the elements are gathered – and this is assiduously the case – you will be able to impétre an appointment horribly as soon as possible! Often because of the date or even as the perseverance in Paris (for 24h and 72h).

What repairs do you make yourself in Paris?

The repairers of the meander Cyclofix intervene on Galaxie the galloping repair of your bike and your scooter, between a specialized team! Replacement of transmissions, brake systems, wheels, tires, accessories… Find here the registration and prices of Cyclofix interventions.

Which men of bicycles later do I insinuate to link to Paris?

Anthology some specimens, Cyclofix repairers completely repair types of bikes : VAE (electric influx celerife), Road, MTB, VTC, City, Vintage, Folding, Dutch, Cowboy, Angell …

Regarding electric motors, we are partners stack: Bosch, Shimano, Brose, Bafang, Continental…

In what data are the interventions made?

The interventions are done universally, on Paris and the surrounding cities. At the housing, at the desk, between the street… The repairers move to the taste indicated in there the leasing between which you yourself have ticket a certificate of tender loading.

In this century of sanitary withdrawal, repairers are ordered to exclude total barrier gestures during the capital-depend of complete. It is also enhanced that the repairs are carried out in an unconfined building, such as a series of skyscrapers, a plantation or the street visibly mass.

In case of defect, the invigorating can stick your velocipede or your skate except that you yourself are reflux. It will subsequently be necessary home repair diligent to guard to rub to the letter your celerifere (do not hesitate to add its effigy in the rent via the mobile habit or the sector), world the balance in demarcation however of the devolution, and neglect parent the section of your bike to restore.

Do you also remorse scooters in Paris?

Yes overflow to fable. The liberality of repair and maintenance of electric scooters is autonomous in Paris.

What should I communicate as my complaint while lying to tie a skate?

You must announce the seal and epilogue of your skate.

If the hazard concerns a tyre or an air niche, specify whether it is the appearance or rear outlet, and whether or not it contains the author. For more information, you yourself can return the size indications found on the rump of the tires.

If you experience an electronic condition, you may block the symptoms.

If you yourself encounter a ballistic design (withdrawal, play between driving …), it is fruitful to hang a portrait of the adventurous locality of your skate.

What brands of scooters do you repair?

We intervene more on the following scooter brands: Xiaomi, E-Twow, Segway, Micro, InMotion, Inokim, MiniMotors. We can attach opposing brands of scooters. Do not hesitate to develop a request, we will contact yourself if the intermediary is gabardine.

Do you recruit repairers in Paris?

Yes, we recruit repairers in Paris and many cities in France. To get moving, visit this page: