Common Washer Machine Problems


Your washing machine is one of the most useful appliances in your home, and its malfunctioning can cause significant inconvenience. You may need a washer machine repair Carrollton TX when you notice the following issues.

The Wash Basin Does Not Fill

If water does not enter the basin when the machine is on, the water inlet valve may have a malfunction. Agitation without water could be due to a broken pressure switch that does not sense a lack of water.

Strange Sounds Are Coming From The Machine

Unusual sounds emanating from a washer machine could indicate an object trapped in the drain, drain line or water pump. Although it may be possible to clear the obstruction, a part damaged by a foreign object may require replacement by a washing machine repair service.

The Machine Is Vibrating

Vibration may occur if a laundry load does not have room to move freely in the basin during the wash cycle. Overfilling the basin may cause this problem when a weight imbalance causes it to shift.

The Dispenser Does Not Release Detergent

If your detergent does not release into the tub, you may be using the wrong type of detergent for your machine. Alternatively, the dispenser may have residue build-up that is preventing the release of detergent. A simple fix for this issue involves cleaning the dispenser regularly by filling it with distilled white vinegar and baking soda and running a fuller cycle.

The Machine Stops Suddenly

There may be several causes for a washing machine that stops unexpectedly. Although a simple problem like a faulty fuse is easy to address, other reasons can be perplexing. New model machines often have protective automatic shut-offs features that kick in when machines overheat, produce too many soap suds, or have malfunctioning hoses.

An appliance repair service is the best resource for diagnosing an ongoing or acute problem with your washing machine.