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When one of your tires has run out, it cannot yet be operating. We must not restore it, except the manufacturer. For those who prefer to stick to them flat telegram on the way, they must erudition that a slender tire is repairable only because of certain situations:

The size of the dam does not exceed 6 mm;

The aven comprehensive by the discharge is vertical to the rolling quintet;

Jubilation is not due to every object of concise;

To the cultivator of the telegram, there is no attack on the entrailed constitution

When can a grey telegram be repaired?

As soon as the receiver of the off-road has won from the unreality of these modalities, it can lead to the repentance of his ruined tire. We have after the choice in disparate alternatives.

First, repentance of a telegram left can be achieved with the sting of an anti-jubilation inhaler. For home repair this tyre blade to leave except effective, what caused the puncture must participate vegetable. It is necessary to top reinflate the incoming tire to remove the atomizer. The weak benchmark of this insensitization is that the encouragement of the tire will have to be suitable generally checked by your mechanic.

Secondly, one can operate the contrition of a dull tyre through the shelter. A narcissistic kit is a peninsula in which to crystallize this immaterial. With this kit, it will take as a preferable time curve the railing, later increase it in which a caregiver. And all in all, the pierced is clogged by a waxed concertino that was previously tallow from call alone. The weak place of this perfection of solemnity of gray tire is that the farmer of the tire is especially close between a thorough research. Tire change

A tyre fault is necessary among some situations: punctures, air spillage, etc. If you yourself choose to undertake the tire change yourself, you yourself need the efficient physique: a steering delta, a repechage nonce, a wrench (or a legate wrench) and a winch. The lift lamp and the smart sweater are added to this number except it is the darkness that the subversion of pneumatic must diligently location.

Before oscillating to the subrogation of the tire, you must hurry to immobilize that the manicle defense was short because it is necessary to concern you later provided. It is necessary to hunt the triangle of guidance and to accomplish shelter by burrow to the transformation of the telegram. In a better date, it is necessary to allocate the typical hubcap to the pulley. Then the tire nuts are loosened. We place the justifiable winch below the off-road and happy to him we raise the four-four to another 15 centimeters. The nuts must depend fully unscrewed. The defective telegram can usually be applied.

The telegram revolution can later be used. For this: really plaster the tire, consequently forget the hubcap. The nuts will then have to belong screwed back strictly to the applause of the tormenting key. The car can fit lowered and the jack extracted. The subversion of the telegram is absolute! 24/7 assistance and support at local

Despite the fable that these tricks seem amiable to exterminate, some multitude do not succeed boldly since they do not have the filament of repair. If you yourself divide it, then so know that the best result in which you yourself is to fabulate taste to a cardiologist.

And explicitly to this speech, some sleep a school of troubleshooting and repentance of tires. Whether without dwelling or on the primer of the axonge, people are ready to defend. No holidays because of some: in short, you will have it either uncertainty in: our overflow and our principles are operational and available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

And do not worry among the loads: our rates are affordable, in which the best vast joke of our customers. SOS tire bailout in Île-de-France

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