Best Places To Install Exterior Lighting


When you’re out and about at night, you’ll see certain homes that stand out due to their elegant lighting. Choosing the right placement of lights makes your home look welcoming and also increases security. If you’d like to make your property glow, here are some of the best places to install exterior lighting.

Sidewalks and Driveway

For safety around the home, one of the best places to mount exterior lights is along sidewalks and the driveway. Lights illuminate dangerous edges and prevent accidents. When installing lights along a driveway, stagger them instead of putting them in straight lines to avoid looking like a runway.

Trees and Gardens

Another favorite spot for exterior lighting Overland Park is around trees and gardens. Not only do landscaping lights make a yard twinkle, but they also show off beautiful flowers and trees. Exterior lights can also be used to brighten dark and secluded areas around the house, keeping intruders away.

Around and Over a Deck

If you’ve got a backyard deck, then you’ve got the perfect spot to play with lighting. Decks should be illuminated at the base and along stair steps. You can also add lights alongside railings and on top of fence posts. Don’t forget to add a special lamp to your deck’s dinner table for added ambiance.

Focal Points

Many people have mastered the use of outdoor spotlights and you can, too. Select one or more focal points such as a tree, front door or along a fence. Then, position spotlights to either shine up or down on your selected area. You can also illuminate entire walls for a beautiful glow that makes your home stand out.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your home’s look, exterior lighting makes a huge difference. With illuminated landscaping, sidewalks and walls, you’ll increase both curb appeal and safety.