Becoming a self-employed home chef: how to be independent?

2Q==Gastronomy is part of the DNA of the French. It is a fact, eating well and good food, shared with friends or family are very important. In recent years, whether for a special event, to enjoy a moment around a table without having to be absent in the kitchen or to relieve themselves of the preparation of everyday dishes, more and more French people decide to call on a chef at home. You are a cook and want to become a self-employed home chef? This article gives you all the information you need to launch your business with confidence. Chef à domicile auto entrepreneur: the key information

We will discover the profession of chef at home by developing the necessary administrative procedures or the qualities required to become a self-employed entrepreneur in the field of cooking. But before that, here is a list of important things to know about this profession:

The corresponding APE code is usually 56.21Z, Catering Services;

The Centre for Business Formalities (CFE) on which it depends is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI);

The turnover limit not to be exceeded is €72,500;

The rate of social contributions amounts to 22% of turnover;

The average price of a service is 40 € to 60 € per guest to note on your quote.

Apply to the ACCRE for financial assistance to start your own business Not to be confused with…

Before continuing, it is necessary to make some clarifications on the profession of independent cook, which encompasses several activities. In this article, we discuss the one of the chef who goes to the homes of his customers to prepare the dishes that will be served on site. It is therefore not to be confused with:

The manufacture of takeaway meals: the cook prepares the dishes in a room and sells them to his customers who will consume them at home. It is a craft activity that depends on the CMA;

The sale of dishes consumed on site: the chef prepares the dishes in his premises and customers come to consume them on site. The competent CFE is the CCI;

Home cooking classes: the chef goes to his clients to give them lessons. It is a liberal activity that depends on the URSSAF.

It should also be noted that as a self-employed home chef, if you decide to prepare some of the dishes at home or in your premises before going to your customers and finishing the realization on site, your activity will be artisanal and commercial (mixed). How to register to start your activity as a self-employed chef at home?

To launch your own business legally, you must comply with certain administrative obligations. Also, for your business to develop and be viable, several points must be taken into account and methods can be put in place. Let’s find out what it’s all about. Prerequisites

The launch of a new activity necessarily requires the realization of a market study. It must take into account in a precise and advanced way the elements external to the self-enterprise on the given area: competitors and potential customers. You will have an idea of what other chefs offer at home, but also restaurants or takeaway stations, as well as the expectations of the inhabitants of the area;

The second point to be made upstream is the establishment of a provisional budget. In order to quantify the initial investment as accurately as possible, you will have to take into account the material and human needs useful for the launch of the activity:

The equipment: you will of course have access to your customers’ kitchen, but nothing assures you that they have all the utensils you will need. You will therefore have to acquire basic equipment (dishes, knives, dishes, glasses, etc.). In addition, in order to be able to move to your customers, it is essential for you to have a professional vehicle;

Staff: If the majority of home chefs work alone, you may want to surround yourself with a waiter or oenologist to offer a complete service. You will therefore have to think about the recruitment method and their remuneration.

The last step before the launch of the self-employed business is the writing of the business plan. This makes it possible to structure its project, to verify its viability and financial solidity, to home contractors understand its operation. This is a file that will support your arguments against a possible financial partner.

Register on Pole Auto entrepreneur

The registration of your self-employed business has two main steps, quick and mandatory:

The declaration of self-enterprise: you must go to the site related to your activity and fill out the online form. You will indicate several pieces of information concerning your future self-employed company and choose the periodicity of the turnover declarations;

Registration with the Chamber of Trades: your activity is commercial in nature, so you will have to register as such in order to be able to register with the Trade and Companies Register. Getting your SIRET

As a self-employed home cook, you will receive like any business manager your SIRET number (Identification System of the Directory of Establishments). It is a series of 14 figures issued free of charge by INSEE once your file has been validated by your competent CFE. It will reach you by post, accompanied by the APE code. Find your first customers

Often the dream of a lifetime or the realization of a long-standing project, becoming a self-employed entrepreneur is an important step in professional life. If the status of the micro enterprise offers many advantages and facilitates the daily life of new entrepreneurs, it also has some small disadvantages.

The main difficulty, especially at the beginning, is undoubtedly the search for customers. You will need to show a lot of courage and perseverance to grow your own business by gaining the trust of customers.

Here are several solutions that work when it comes to finding your first customers:

Networks: today’s world lives to the rhythm of social networks. You must therefore be present on the most popular ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.) and post original content regularly;

The website: not having a physical place where customers could inquire about your service, the site becomes your professional showcase. Choose a simple format that highlights your contact details, the nature of your services with your rates and promotions, opt for quality visuals highlighting your profession and do not forget to display comments and customer feedback;

Local communication: word-of-mouth, classified ads on regional newspapers or flyers distributed in strategic points, etc. These are “offline” methods that prove themselves again and again;

The organization of partnerships: The activity of self-employed home chef lends itself totally to the creation of partnerships with other gastronomy professionals. Choose companies or freelancers who share the same values and vision of cooking as you and do not forget to communicate as much as possible about your current projects. The job description of the chef at home

The auto entrepreneur home chef is a gastronomy professional who puts his know-how and knowledge of cooking at the service of his customers. He goes to their homes to make their daily lives easier or to take care of the menu for a special event. Let’s discover here the specific points that define the home cook. Missions