3 Steps To Maintain Your Septic Tank

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Your home probably has a septic tank if you live in an area without a city sewer system. Maintaining this system doesn’t take a lot of work if you practice good habits. Here are three ways you can care for your septic system, so it’s always functioning at its best.

1. Have the Tank Pumped Routinely

One of the best ways to maintain your septic system is to schedule regular maintenance. Many companies that provide local septic tank services Wise County TX recommend having the system inspected and sludge pumped every three to five years. They can check for any leaks or concerns during this time to help prevent a larger problem in the future.

2. Watch What You Flush

A septic system is more delicate than a city sewer and cannot handle paper towels and other bulky products.  The only thing that you should flush is toilet paper. Large items such as feminine products and diapers are too difficult for the bacteria in the system to break down quickly. This disrupts the balance of beneficial bacteria and prevents the decomposition of other items in the tank. If these items have accidentally been flushed, consider adding additional bacteria treatments to the tank to increase the amount in the system.

3. Clean Your Toilets With Natural Chemicals

Since the septic system relies on good bacteria to break down the particles in the tank, adding strong chemicals to your toilet kills off these bacteria. Cleaners with added bleach, ammonia or antibacterial soaps can disrupt the balance in the tank by killing off the necessary bacteria in the system. Instead, use natural plant-based cleaners and soaps. Stay away from drain clearing solutions, too, and use a plunger or snake for clogs instead.

Caring for a septic tank doesn’t require a lot of work. Monitor what is flushed and have the tank pumped routinely, and your septic system remains efficient.