3 Simple Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home

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Wondering how you can distinguish your home from the rest of the properties on the market? When selling a house, you need to do everything you can to make your property stand out. Luckily, you can easily accomplish this by upgrading your home’s landscaping strategy. Follow these three simple tips to do just that.

1. Refresh the Lawn

A healthy, green lawn adds a lot to your home’s overall curb appeal and charm. If you’re irrigation system hasn’t been perfectly maintained, your grass and other plantings likely aren’t looking as well as they should. Consult an expert irrigation contractor Pittsburgh PA to give your system a checkup prior to selling. Not only will your yard look better, you’ll also be able to tell potential buyers that you have an up-to-date watering system, which is a nice selling feature.

2. Remove Landscape Debris

If your yard is filled with unsightly landscape debris, potential buyers can get the wrong impression and not even make it through your front door. Spend a weekend removing all eyesores in your yard. Remove weeds, twigs and leaves from the yard and all planting beds. In addition, trim overhanging trees since branches hanging over a roof provide instant worry for prospective buyers.

3. Add Color

There’s no better way to catch the eye of homebuyers than to add pops of color to your landscaping. It’s most effective to use color to draw attention to your front entry. Place a few potted plants on your porch area, and if you have an awning or overhang, install some hanging flower baskets. Use brightly colored annuals, as they’re the easiest to care for and provide the most bang for your buck.

Getting your lawn in great shape is easier than you might think, and it could make the difference in helping your home get noticed by homebuyers. Follow these tips and charm buyers right away.